Monday, September 19, 2016

Embroidered Towels

 Personalized Embroidered Towels

Personalized embroidered towels. These are large 30"x50" and 100% Cotton. Great for keeping track of who dirtied what towel(s). Many fonts to choose from.

$32 each includes shipping.  Payment can be made via the friends and family option on PayPal to

Let's get Owen and Addilyn (Tillie) home so Owen can have the surgery he desperately needs!!
Examples below plus a few pictures of more embroidery designs I have available. I have other sports plus a rainbow w/clouds also. I even have Braille! If you have an idea that you don't see, feel free to email me at the same email address I use for PayPal to see what I have available as I have way too many to list.



Homemade Bar Soap made with a blend of coconut oil, olive oil and essential oils.

$5 a bar for scented $4.50 a bar for unscented

Scents currently available are:

Patchouli and Lavender Original  
Lemon and Peppermint
Patchouli and Sandalwood
Orange and Peppermint

Tea Tree

 (Other scents/blends can be available upon request. Please email me to request custom scents)

1-3 bars $3.50 first class shipping
4-10 bars $6.85 priority shipping
Anything over 10 bars, PM me for shipping prices

Payment via Paypal friends and family option

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Reece's Rainbow 2016 Family Reunion

It's been nearly two weeks since we left the Reece's Rainbow Family reunion held at Jellystone Park in Cave City, Kentucky.  I've had a lot of time to think about my personal experience there and that of our whole family.  It truly was an amazing gift to be a part of.  First of all, it wouldn't have been possible for our family at all if not for the donations that come in specifically for this purpose.  Our family was just arriving home a mere 4 days before the reunion in 2015 with two boys who were confused, tired, scared, and had just had their whole world turned upside down.  There was no way we could have made it that year at all.  This year, we are again in process to adopt two little ones from China and we just did not have the extra money to spend on a trip. I knew a family "vacation" was needed before we brought two new little ones home. I knew we needed that time together as a family and we needed a little break from the stresses of being in process to adopt. While my husband had other ideas about what he would like to do (usually it's go to our hunting camp in the middle of the North Maine Woods that costs us nothing but the gas to get there) there was no place I'd rather go than attend the RR family reunion.  I knew it was just what our little family needed. I knew it would do my heart some good to meet the families that had been such a huge part of our adoption journey both times. I also wanted to meet the families and the children that I had helped along the way. I especially wanted to hug Andrea's neck as a silent Thank You for all that she does.

We knew it was impossible to go without a grant but we did not know if there were any grants available. My husband has a hard enough time asking for donations for our adoption so this wasn't an easy thing for him to agree to do but he knew how important it was to me that we'd be able to go to this reunion. We (meaning I) approached Andrea about the grants and we were told they still had grants available.  I was so excited that we'd have a chance to go!  This grant money is so important because it is the ONLY reason our family was able to go this year!  I am so so grateful for more reasons than one!

Meeting the pots of gold at the end of Reece's Rainbow is reason number one. Each child adopted through Reece's Rainbow was given a shirt that read this.....

The many pots of gold.

Our littlest Pot of Gold
Corbin Jay
photo credits Julie Nalle

One of the greatest things we got from this trip was the feeling of being around many families with children with special needs.  These families were a blend of biological and adopted children, some typical and some with special needs. We did not feel the need to explain why our children were acting a certain way.  But we had someone that did understand if we wanted or needed to talk about our children, their needs, their quirks, and even the difficult side to adoption.

This reunion is so important for many reasons...
it's for
The friends we meet...

The friends our children get to meet....

It's for the comradery you feel when you get to be around a group of people that just get it. It's to be around people that also have a heart for orphans, that understands RAD, that know what trauma looks like, that can relate to you in so many different ways. It's truly amazing especially for families that do not get a lot of support in their local community.

I was able to hug the necks of a few of the fellow adoptive Mama's that I became friends with through Reece's Rainbow.  I was able to meet new friends (names that were familier to me but weren't matched with a face yet) that I connected with while there.  I saw how easily the typical kids accepted those that had a disability.  It was so nice to see and be around people that just "get it".  I can't explain to you how important this reunion is to all families that adopt a child listed on Reece's Rainbow.  I wish each and every family that adopts a child that was listed with Reece's Rainbow was able to go. I hope some day the grant funds will be in place so that anyone that wants to go can go regardless of their financial situation. 

Another thing is that our family got from this experience is that my husband finally saw the benefit to sign language for our children with Down syndrome.  It's not something he was against but he grew up with the idea that sign language was for deaf people or those that needed/wanted to communicate with someone that was deaf.  He knows a little sign language due to his job as a paramedic and his interaction with the local deaf community as a first responder but he never viewed it as a way to communicate with our children with special needs.  Because of being around so many families that used sign language with their children, he truly saw what a great benefit it is and would be for our family.  He was able to see children that could not speak (due to Down syndrome, autism, or other disabilities) communicate with each other and with their parents so easily.  He immediately began researching ways our whole family could learn sign language.  I'm so excited about this!  I think it will help our 3 children with Down syndrome but also help our little boy that has cleft lip and palate.  Communication is so important for bonding and I believe this will help our whole family in both communication and attachment. 

The Reece's Rainbow annual reunions are so important for families and I hope more families are able to attend in the future.  If you feel led to make a donation to this specific fund that helps families attend the reunion, please visit....

I am forever grateful to those that donated to this fund because without it our family would have missed out on so much.

Thank you Reece's Rainbow! 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Take Heart!

 "In this life you will have trouble, but Take Heart for I have overcome the world." John 16:33

We have a T-shirt fundraiser to help us bring Owen and Addilyn home.  These shirts have so much meaning for our family and for the family that set it up for us.  My friend and fellow adoptive Mama,, Faith Mahoney adopted a daughter that lived at Little Flowers Projects with Owen for a period of time. She launched this T-shirt fundraiser to help bring her daughter home and she launched it again for our family!  This is what she posted on her FB page about this fundraiser. 

Here they are!!! I told you they were coming back and we have even more options than last time! Check them out and help bring Owen home!

I am ridiculously excited to be offering these again!!! I love these shirts and their message could not be any more fitting for this AMAZING family! John 16:33 says, "In this life you will have trouble, but Take Heart for I have overcome the world."

Addison and Kristen have 5 biological children who live on their own. God led them to special needs adoption a few years ago, and Paxton and Corbin, 2 precious boys with Down Syndrome, came home from China in June 2015. Just one year later, Addison and Kristen are in process to adopt two more children from China. Owen is 3 1/2 years old and has complex heart defects along with cleft lip and palate, and Addilyn is 18 months old and has Down Syndrome. 

As Owen's condition is declining, they are racing to get him as soon as possible and have a significant amount of funds to raise to get him home.

Let's help them get him home to his family and doctors!

To order yours, click on the link below.  Thank you for your support!

Shirts Available in Unisex Youth and Adult sizes, Women's fit, a flowy tank, and Toddler styles

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Tieks Giveaway!!

Here's your chance to win a pair of these buttery soft 100% Italian leather ballet flats!
 (Classics or Vegan - Retail Value $175)

From their website - Tieks noun. The most versatile designer flats in the world. Made of the finest Italian leathers and designed to fold and fit in a purse. Wearable all day, every day. 

Each pair of Tieks is crafted from the finest leathers (or vegan textiles) and specially treated to be flexible yet durable. In total, it takes three days and over 150 steps to create a single pair of Tieks. There are no shortcuts in creating the world's most versatile ballet flat. 

Only a $10 donation for a chance to win!!

You choose size and color from the classics or vegan choices on their website.
($175 Value)

To view them visit their website HERE

For your chance to win, donate $10 (or more for more chances) via the friends and family option
to my PayPal address

Don't forget to mention the shoe giveaway in the memo/notes section so I can add you to my list!!!

Drawing will be held June 24th!

NOTE*** If for some reason you don't want a pair of these absolutely FAB shoes, I will buy the winner a $175 gift card to the store or shop of your choice.***

At this time there have been 544 views to this particular blog.  If each person that viewed it donated $10 towards this "giveaway" we would have one child's mandatory orphanage donation nearly covered. Every single dollar helps and is so appreciated!
(each mandatory orphanage donation is approximately $5700 or whatever is equal to 35,000RMB)

These are the children this "giveaway" benefits. Owen is 3.5 and has a complex heart defect and desperately needs surgery. Addilyn is 18 months old and she has Down syndrome. We are doing all we can to get to them before it's too late for Owen.  He needs out now so he can get the medical care he needs and deserves. Please help by making a donation for your chance to win a pair of Tieks.

God Bless You!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Depraved Indifference

Do you suffer from Depraved Indifference?

Watch and see.

I suffered from Depraved Indifference until something moved me. This video moved me to act. 
It moved me to say YES to the journey God called me to.

I wanted to say No.  I still do sometimes in my moments of weakness and fear. 
But I know that those feelings do not come from God.

I said Yes.
I said Yes to Paxton and to Corbin in March 2014.

We brought them home in June 2015
I said yes to Owen and Addilyn in January 2016.
We are racing to get them home before it's too late for Owen.

Watch the video and ask yourself what you can do.  If not for us, for another family,
or another orphan that needs you.  What can you do?

If you feel led to make a donation to help us bring Owen and Addilyn home

You can do so here at our Go Fund Me page.
If you would like to make a tax deductible donation you can do so here.
Meet Owen and Addilyn
Owen is 3.5 years old and has a complex heart defect along with cleft lip and palate.
He needs open heart surgery as soon as possible if he is to survive!
He's dying and he needs your help, prayers, and donations.  Look into his eyes and see him for what he is.  A little boy that needs a family so he can get the medical care he needs and deserves. 
You can make a difference in his life.


Here is Addilyn.  She is 18 months old and has Down syndrome.  She needs and deserves a family too so she can get the therapy she needs to live to her fullest potential.  She can't do that if she grows up in an orphanage.  She deserves so much more than that.
Please help her!